Friday, June 02, 2006

The Ferry

Besides the Penang Bridge which is the 3rd longest bridge in the world, the other method of transportation to the beautiful Penang island is via the ferry service.When crossing from the mainland to Penang you pay RM 0.60 cents and this covers the return journey. If crossing from Penang one way, the trip is free.For vehicles the trip costs RM 7.00, same as Penang bridge.The trip across the 3km channel takes about 20 minutes. There's great photo opportunities both of the landscape and the birdlife that make the most of the free ride and the tourists handing out food.On a real humid day, this is one very inexpensive way of beating the heat as the cooler sea breezes flow through the relatively open ferry.Some of the ferries are only for cars but you wont have to wait long for another one. A stormy day makes for an interesting ride as the salt laden air turns your sunglasses frosty with crystals. Also enjoy the vision of ferries travelling almost sideways to cross the channel with the occasional very strong tidal flows.


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